Rent the Ranch


A day at the Party Ranch is just what the doctor ordered for those looking for something a little different than the same old same old. Itís a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and have an old fashion good party with family, friends and others. APR is a family business that is centered around families and friends having fun together and providing the space and facilities while reducing the hassles to make it all happen.

If youíre interested in Renting the Ranch for your event, hereís some information to know.


Top:  Entrance to the Azle Party Ranch

Bottom:  Under the lights at Party Pavilion

Group Sizes - Group Sizes can be as small as a family of 8 or as large as a party of 200. We specialize in hosting parties and running the events for the patrons and letting them tend to their business of socializing, relaxing and enjoying their time at APR.


Safety Regulations - Safety Regulations apply to some activities. For your safety and ours, we implement safety procedures for zip lining, swimming, horseback riding and other various activities. We ask that you follow the rules and regulations for the safety of all participants.


Rules of the Ranch -


Fun and Activities come at a cost, so know upfront the ranch is a no bull, no cussing, no smoking family friendly atmosphere.


We welcome everyone as long as they agree to follow common decency and respect for others.


We reserve the right to refuse service and expel anyone not following the rules or causing a disturbance to employees or patrons.


We are out to have a great time, follow our Christian beliefs and host an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy and make memories doing it.




817-925-AZLE (2953




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